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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heading out to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. Doing Demo @ 3pm in the Culinary Pavillion. Come check oit out.

Friday, February 18, 2011

This Sunday Feb. 20th, Coconut Grove Arts Festival in the Culinary Pavillion..Cooking demo with Chef Irie @ 3pm, come out early browse & buy some art, munch on festival bites.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New blog post up. A Valentines to man. lik har finga!!
Happy Valentine's Day Y'all. Keep it simple Cupid..

Cupid says..Gentlemen, Cook it, she'll love it and like you even more..!!!!

Gentlemen, right off the bat this is what I have to say to you. I am by no means a relationship expert (Steve Harvey - umm, may have to rethink that later) so if you're looking to round bases that may very well depend on your game or just getting plain lucky, damn it, on Valentine’s Day. If you are in the dog house I suggest that you be very priest like or learn how to paint toe nails even though I would much defer to sucking them instead. What the hell does Cupid know anyway? All is not lost however as I'm quite sure you are stressing because she's special and you can't really afford Prime 112 or the Setai on South Beach. Face it; you feel silly right now because you just haven't made a reservation anywhere.  You're stressed right now aren't you? Alright so let me ask you this? What was that dish you used to make in college? No, no, no, not the Chef Boyardee in the can. You know the one I'm talking about. Yes, that wicked Shrimp Scampi, that fried chicken with warm maple syrup, that pan fried steak with the onions and garlic. Of course it was good then and I guarantee that with a little planning and a fraction of what you would spend going out Valentine’s Day you will have a more relaxed and enjoyable evening with her by making her dinner - Providing you don't incinerate your investment like a hockey puck and get real cocky by bringing out the Foi Gras - unless of course you can burn like that, go right ahead. But here's a simple tip: Keep it simple cupid! If all goes well and she's still around next year (because neither you nor she decided to fire the other) then you have my blessings to call Chef Irie, he'll hook it up for ya...oh yeah, this one will cost you :-).
I believe that the time spent together, stress free, is best. And lest I forget, do go and get her some flowers for God's sake. Hey, if you just met stay away from the red roses, Tulips or Carnations might be better. Okay, so even though I say keep it simple that doesn't mean it should not be sexy. Sure fire sexy! You need to hand feed her - this would be a good time to polish up those caveman like hands and mannerisms, because rough is unwanted. Tempt her with cheese. No, Kraft singles nor easy Mac does not count here! Use nice international blends; try serving warmed Brie with shaved almonds and grapes drizzled with honey. Oooh gooey, can you say yum? She will!!  Feed her strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries. Peel a banana and dip it in melted chocolate then have her take a bite. Get some chicken tenders from the store, season them as you like then roll them in crushed chili cinnamon corn flakes and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes. When they cool, feed it to her. Let her feel spicy biting the warm and crunchy nuggets...Ummm, food porn is in full effect, heh. Why chili? It's an aphrodisiac silly. Does she eat Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto? Aphrodisiac qualities once again mi boy. Even if you don't believe that, you will be feeding her a meaty crunchy stick. Nibble nibble nibble...Fiyah!!! So, are you getting the picture yet? Turn it up a notch if you are actually cooking a meal; have her there in the kitchen as you finish that special dish you've been preparing all evening. Have her taste a spoonful of that sauce for dinner later. I know you can picture it, spoon slides across her lips and into her mouth; those same sexy lips close around that spoon as you slooooowly remove it. With wine glass in one hand and the other under her chin she closes her eyes to enjoy the moment. Wonder what she's thinking? Don’t ask, at least not yet anyway because she could very well be thinking damn that's some good shit...or...that would have tasted so much better if I had licked it off his finger, ssssssttt, ummmm!!!. Enjoy the moment.
Keep it simple cupid!!, sounds crazy but it is true. Man to man, be yourself because if you're forcing romance you only come off as a desperate sorry sap and then you would have blown all that hard work, even if it was just to get a great kiss at the end of the evening. And don't get greedy either, because if you request the entire dish, you may just go home with a hungry belly. As they would say in Jamaica, dawg nyam yuh supppa!!!. Happy Valentine’s Day Y'all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new blog post up check it out. Remember Buss Em Out Wednesday. Breadfuit is up, what will play with it. valentines blog coming up too. Off to Jwoo Alumni breakfast.

All things Vegetarian - Buss Em Out Wednesday!!! Reflections

I am trying to think of a day when I would have conversed with self and made a deciosn to be a vegetarian. Umm, you know I'm not quite sure what that decsion would be but before writing this blog that answer would have been a resounding NO!!!! Sorry, I don't think that was clear enough, OH HELL NO!!! To all my fellow carnivores, no I'm not desenting...I man love eat meat still...nutin sweeter to me than some plump pig tail and salt beef in a my stew peas...Jah know, I have to powda some bone (chew bone to fine mush, thus extracting all the delish juices and marrow) after mi done eat some lawd nuh mention nutin bout di bbq ribs dem or braised short ribs - Guiness glazed anyone, oh my!! Is lick off finga biznis dat man.

Alas, before I digress too much for I wanted to talk a little about 'All Things Vegetarian' on the Buss Em Out Wednesday Series.  I am quite certain that because of the way I am conditioned, doing an all vegetarian meal was always a far away thought. I think meat first and I'm quite certain I am not the only chef that thinks that way. So me thinking of exotic vegetables and casting them as supporting cast members shouldn't really be a surpise, now I'm thinking. What I can say though is that the power of suggestion can be a wicked thing especially when made with love of course :-). It was suggested to me recently that I should really do pieces that focus on vegetarian offerings and to even go a week where I made all vegetarian meals, eat them and write about about it. Ugggggghhh!!!Did you not just feel that twinge of pain in my heart, immediate withdrawl symptoms are upon palms are clamy, I am sweating purfusely..hold on a sec, I need to have a Chimichurri burger right now..Ok, it may not be that serious, but crazy thoughts come up when I think about that. But you know, I'm gona do just that, but I really need to condition my mind. That's like telling me there is no more rum I should drink Gin or Vodka..Nooooooooooo!!! Hell and powda house in a di place mi a tell yuh..
Parsnip Quinoa w/ sauteed Bbeet greens,
Coconut Beet Puree, Coconut parsnip puree
Cactus Prickly Pear & Date Compote
Parsnip crisps
So on wednesday, my main ingredients were: Quinoa (undisputable king of protein, has all 8 essential vitamnins), Parsnips, Long Hot peppers, Cactus Prickly Pear, Red Beets and Dates supported by parsley, green onions, coconut milk. Now just to be clear so you understand the selections if you don't already, my aim on Buss Em Out wednesdays is to work mostly with ingredients I don't work with at all or rarely ever. And when I go to the market to pick up the ingredients I don't have too much of a conceived idea of what it is that I am going to make or even how I'm going make it. Nonetheless, the work continues and we fast forward. I came up with a game plan and executed what I contrived in my "creative mind". So here's what I found to be true, at least for me anyway when it came time to putting the dish together. For all presentations the ingredients are assembled to form a cohesive interpetation of the idea of  the chef and I had to think hard about how to assemble everythiung so the dish would say "I want to eat this vegetarian dish and love it". Yes, I make great vegetarian dishes but ask any vegetarian that goes out to dine what their concern usually is and it always comes back that they want to have a full meal and a variety of choices. Treat me like a meat eater damn it!!!! I think I will be checking out Sublime restaurant here in Ft. Lauderdale soon. But what I find in most restaurants, correct me if I am wrong, is that unless there is some ethinic or cultural (Indian, Italian, Meditarreanean etc.) asscoiation with the food, the choices are not many...well as entrees. So unless you're having Mezze and Tapas - all small individual offerings - where you would put them together for a filling meal, then I guess you're having a salad then. Yes there ae now more great vegetable choices because of the involvemnet of local farmers in the organic and non-organic arena. Sustainable foods, farm to table, slow foods movements are providing us with great variety and choices and chefs are getting on board all over.
So exactly what am I saying? Growth of a Chef..sounds familiar?  I am always thinking about food and ways in which I can create new dishes and vegetarian dishes are part of that repertoir. I have even thought about several ways in which I could have done the dishes I made last week differently or even better. The Idea of living a vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle is certainly not new to me. As a child growing up for me that meant seeing Ital Food (no meat and mostly no salt) being prepared by the Rastafarians. I just remember it being an amazing thing to make kick ass dishes with coconut milk, herbs and spices. It's a food tradition I might not have indulged as they did but I'm certainly not invoking ignorance here. My lifestyle of being a meat eater was certainly taught to me as a child and as an adult I continue to follow that lifestyle. As a chef I have always thought of vegetables as sides and I have to say that my exercise during Buss Em Out Wednesday has allowed me to think differrently and I know there is tons of room for more development or just Develop more dishes. Sadly, even as I write this dissertation I find myself yearning for some Mondungo soup - that would be tripe soup - so rich, so decadent...bring that big spoon to my lips and sluping that hot brothv chewing on some soft meat just so I can give my approved satisfaction...BUUUUURRRPPPPPP!!! Tenk yuh Jesas!!!!  Hmmmhm :-) My thoughts exactly!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

So the next blog, "All things Vegetarian - A reflection on Buss Em Out Wednesday will be out soon. Have you read the last blog?..No really, have you? ..I think you should. Okay, so for Next week's Buss em out wednesday!! one ingredient will be Breadfruit & the theme for the next few wednesdays will incorporate the African Diaspora..Did you all forget, it's Black History Month! send me ideas.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
today @ 4pm eastern linking with ma boy Chef Amadeus on blog talk radio. check out the link if you have some time.