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Friday, February 4, 2011

So the next blog, "All things Vegetarian - A reflection on Buss Em Out Wednesday will be out soon. Have you read the last blog?..No really, have you? ..I think you should. Okay, so for Next week's Buss em out wednesday!! one ingredient will be Breadfruit & the theme for the next few wednesdays will incorporate the African Diaspora..Did you all forget, it's Black History Month! send me ideas.


  1. A few ideas for Wednesday:
    okra, black eyed peas, cornmeal, coconut, lentils, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, chocolate.
    That's it for tonight, I'll sleep on it and get back to you tomorrow.

  2. Maybe you'd like to continue to do some vegetarian dishes on Wednesday's.
    A lot of African diaspora dishes are vegetarian; often not by choice, but by necessity. Meat can be an expensive commodity to purchase in many of these communities and so vegetables and grains get prominence in the diet of these communities by default.
    Unless of course you consider that hunting is also a much respected activity in these communities as well. That consideration might lead you into thinking about using the exotic and sometimes unusual meats that are often available from hunting activities in these communities.... Alligator, anyone???

  3. Allison, thanks for the wonderful comments. A I wrote in the last blog, I think meat first even before I became a chef. As a chef now though I think vegetarian dishes firstly for clients as opposed to myself. I've never dined out and had an emtore meal that was all vegetarian. My thoughts now are to create dishes that capture the same gourmet quality as I would prepare for person that eats meat...and I'm hoping too that I will be a benecificiary from the healthy aspects of such thoughts and preparation. I have no qualms about about preparing dishes with exotic protein choices, in fact my Wednesday series hopes to satisfy quite a few of those interest..would love to revisit Ostrich, haven't worked with that since 2001-2002. I will be visiting Smitty's in Ft,Lauderdale for asome exotic meat choices and hopefully visiting some of the farms in Homestead.