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Saturday, January 8, 2011

So, are you a fan yet of Chef Irie Spice? No? Okay, come and check us out here for 2011. Looking forward to a stellar year and would love if you would share the ride with us and your new friends. Coming soon: more blog posts, video snaps, cooking classes, recipes, new web page etc. etc. etc.. come join us. Never know when you'll get a fan prize..


  1. Just wanted to let you know, your food at Roy W's 60th party, on Sat, Jan 8, was scrumptious!! I am Italian, however, after enjoying your food as much as I did at Roy's celebration, I believe now, that I was a Jamaican in my past life. Btw, YOU are as charming as your food is deeeelicious!! Sandi :-)

  2. Hey there Sandi, Thanks. Glad you enjoyed yourself and I'm sure some for Roy to boot :-). You guys should have stayed for breakfast. Didn't leave myself until 6 that morning..yikes. Always glad to have another Jamaican in the family. Come back and read the blogs if you can, share at will. Talk soon.