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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carnival in Trinidad - J'ouvert morning

I will preface this blog by saying that I cannot be held responsible for the island language that may at anytime jus drop out a mi mout..see it deh alreadi..Can't even make through the first sentence. I am obviously writing this piece now that J'ouvert has passed and the Tuesday morning MAS has ended. my apologies, I was busy carrying on bad and jus being plan WOTLESS!!! J'ouvert morning is when we start to jam, carnival again..Iwer George.. Jus doh drag di flag ( Defend It) - Shal Marshall.. J'ouvert morning is here and I feel like a ball of excitement, almost the same way I felt when I was in DC for Barack Obama's Inarguration. Big difference here though, I'm ready to lose my ever loving mind. Oh yo yoy, ay ya yaye, oh yo yoy, ay ya yaye.. After a brief nap it was going too be time head out at 2am to head down to mas camp. Some place on Loius St.. We are jumping with the group 'Jungle Fever". I have been seeing big ass semis hauling ton loads of speakers since I have been here and you know, I want more.I want to have my collective J'ouvert cherry popped, I want to bruk my J'ouvert / Trini carnival ducks, I want my carnival virginity taken tonight, err this morning I tell ya!!. Wine mi dun till mawnin light. Of course I didn't expect the 4am start time to be gospel so when we rolled out at 5 am I was perfectly fine with that so what do we do, go hunting for some food..need to fuel up before engaging in copius amounts of alcohol intake...We trod up the street a bit and already the madness has started from the other bands and also from the wandering revelers. Need I say that traffic is crazy!! cars crawling through the streets, often times being surrounded by marauding revelers gyrating and sexually abusing the poor car. Did I say abuse, I really meant to say they raped that car. When that gal got up on the bonnet - when in Rome, for you non-islanders with no British broughtupsy, that would be the hood of the car..Americans..:-) -and that guy jumped all over her winding and grinding I knew I was in the right place..hmm, just so you know I only watched and filmed it on video..hmmhm...Hyped music pulsating from all directions driving adrenaline to incredible levels is just making me tingle all over.  It was insane I tell ya. It's now 3am and I'm having jerk chicken and fries. Oh yeah, and a sip of my coke concoction. I believe a purge will be in order when I get back to the States.
So I have a question,well rather a few questions for you:
So, if you're going to J'ouvert anywhere, a few things you might wanna take with ya. baby oil, bottle or two or three..oh hell a box of baby powder, a liquor sample in your favorite flask, providing of course you're a drinker..I am a Drinka..comfortable sneakers or some kind of flats. Well If you've never been and do end up going one day, the meaning of all this will be revealed.
Now question for you, seeing as you are reading so intently this carnival bog.
Have you ever been to a carnival of any sort? Have you gotten up from slumber of jus a puss nap to go to a party at 4am not finishing until noon? Have you danced for four hours straight - to soca? Have you gotten up at 2 am and filled a half empty coke/Pepsi bottle with liquor and popped it into a cooler to hit the road? Have you ever just danced up to a gal and jus started wining on her or a man for that matter?  And have you ever thought you were WOTLESS and don't even care? Ask Kes from this year's carnival, he'll tell you all about that one. J'ouvert encompasses this and more so I will not under sell it by no means. Why is that you say Chef? Because when you roll behind the big truck, powdered, painted and just a plain mess, having the water truck begin to hose water in the crowd you begin to understand that anything goes in Carnival. More exciting when we the revelers start begging for water. Mi seh wet mi up to sclaaaat!!! Very quickly a chant develops..wata, powda..wata, powda..wata, powda...wata, powda..It is frenzied like detox vagrants going through withdrawal..I was one of them and loving every minute of it..madness I tell ya, madness. It is now morning light..Hey, don't chastise me for saying it like that. I told you when in Rome heh. Once again, morning light and the party now seems like it is getting ramped up.
J'ouvert for me has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, by far. Kudos to me that my first happened in the land of Soca. I couldn't have asked for anything better. It was all I thought it would be and more and I truly enjoyed it all. I have been immersed in Soca Since I landed Friday night. It is now Tuesday and I could still squeeze some more in..Fiyah!! I believe i'll find some way to throw in some food thoughts later too...

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