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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first Trini Carnival - Mad Bull Fever...episode 1

Yep, I am here in Trinidad and I decided to jot down some stuff while I was here. So from now till when I get back when you are reading the posts just imagine me talking in my best trini accent and it will be coming you live and uncensored (lol, he snickers)..Mash up di place heh. Okay, so got in safe and sound not too much drama if any at all. I must say that I was quite surprised to not see a massive crowd at the airport for this evening's flight being that it was the last flight out of Ft. Laudedale. I think I was late getting there at 3.30pm for 6.15pm flight. Full flight. Look here bwoy, is mus be the fus time a Trini on time heh, it mus be carnival or something.. I love it..And look here, after many crazy stories about the airlines for Trinidad, the bloody flight took off on time. But see ya mi trial. This trip looking to wreck any of my stereotypes ingrained in my head. Yep, we got a snack on the plane..Don't get excited but kudos to Caribbean hospitality, I got a warm turkey and cheese sandwich. can't complain, well only for the company that made that sandwich, the slice of turkey was sooo thin I could see the turkey handing me extra breast slice..But hey,I know when I have traveled to New York on occassions and I have only gotten some dry up chips dat gi man bun chest and almost have to beg for likle water..
Now, if you haven't travelled with island folks especially those of us who were travelling to carnival you know there was soca music blaring through headphones throughout the whole plane..I'm trying to think if anyone was watching that Narnia Movie, bad sales for the inflight headphones..The vibz ready, especially when di plane land and we clap and cheer.."Tell dem wi reach, tell dem wi reach..A mi seh move out di way, move out di way..". Alright, I'm quite certain that most of us who have travelled outside the us often hit up the Duty Free stores when we coming home yeah..Figet dat here bra..Must be the first time I've seen people buying duty free liquor when you land..You damn right I bought me a bottle too, Gentleman's Jack..shoot, I'm not gona be left out of this here party. You think that's crazy, fi you want money exchange don't look for any banks to be open, they are all closed till Thursday. Look here man, dis carnival ting is serious buisness yeh. Be the only time you can go wine up pon u boss and go back to work Thursday like nutin ever happend..A love it!!!Fiyah!!!!
So my dude harry that picked me up made the drive cool. Of course the views along the way was not without a remark or two..Harry says, "Yes, Look at dem young hots (do I really need to tell you now, come on already)..aye, she looking here to no, waan let you know she fine.." Murder..dead!!! A car stops infront of us and four women alight from the car in their short short shorts..Did I say that they were short? And I am not kidding the girl from the back of the car, I think her ass came out the car before she..Mercy!! Insane I tell ya..Yes, I'm on top of the world..well, on top of the Savanah for sure cause my lodgings are up in the hills somewhere. Why you asking me where it is, I don't live here..Beautiful view at night here looking down..Can't' wait for the rest of the weekend..Beach tomorrow, lawd shark and bake anyone? maybe doubles, roti perhaps, oh my!!!..After that, well we'll see. Come back for the rest of the trip..Gawn a mi bed..Well, soon..


  1. Have a wonderful time Hugh! I can't wait to read more.

  2. love you blog...can't wait to read safe!

  3. Vividly written! I:) Looking forward to the rest...